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Same health benefits as green tea. Also strengthen our bones and keep us energetic. By adding lemon to Black tea, it increases the effects even more. The anti-oxidant in black tea is especially good for our heart.

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  • Lychee is long been a popular flavor fruit tea. It is a sweet tropical fruit. When preparing the tea, one will be amazed with its strong pleasantly sweet fruity aroma. The brewed liquid has a reddish brown color and a light sweet honey like taste.

  • Nothing compares to a cup of back tea in the morning and afternoon. Black Tea is rich in antioxidant, which keeps us young and healthy. Black Tea is especially good for strengthen our bones.   4g tea/400 ml 95-100C water for 1 minute Repeat 2-3 times

  • This tea has a shape of curl and a color of moister black. Its flavor is pure, sweet, refreshing and long lasting. The color of the brewed tea is red while the after tea leave are bright red. 4g tea/400 ml 95-100C water for 1 minute Repeat 2-3 times

  • The name KeeMun comes from China. It is the highest grade Chinese GongFu black tea. It won the title of celebrity as “one if the three rich-aroma teas of the world”.A harmony combination of honey sweet and orchid aroma makes this tea a unique flavor hard to forget. 4g tea/400 ml 95-100C water for 1 minute Repeat 2-3 times

  • An excellent Chai Blend, versatile for anytime of the day. We believe that wonderful flavor of Chai should not mask poor quality tea. This is why only the best teas are used in all our blends. Try this Chai and you will notice the difference. 4g tea/400 ml 95-100C water for 1 minute Repeat 2 times

  • This high-quality blend of Chinese and Ceylonese black teas and classical Yunnan complement one another, and the result is a perfect, full-bodied aromatic black tea basis. The earthy character of the Yunnan, combined with the slightly creamy flavor forms a harmonious basis for the popular, fruity bergamot hot drink. Ingredients: black tea, flavoring.

  • An old time classic, which just must be part of any standard, and of course, any Christmas assortment. The strong China Ceylon blend, enriched with crushed cinnamon pieces from Ceylon receives its perfectly balanced taste through our expressive cinnamon flavor. Quite simple and perfect. Ingredients: black tea (91 %), cinnamon pieces, flavoring. 4-5...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items